Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Etsy Seller Spotlight...Anatomy of a Skirt

As you check out my blog, looking through the things I highlight, you will begin to notice that I love all things small, embelished, different, beautiful and well made. Well, this week's spotlight lands on an Etsy shop that embodies those descriptive words. Anatomy of a Skirt is a quirky shop that specializes in robot pouches. Yes, that's right...robot pouches. And, I must say, these little guys are adorable. Here is a cut from the blog...

"What’s all this about?I make robots. I post robots. That’s pretty much the whole deal.

Why Robots?
I’ve been making my robot pouches for a number of years now, and they’ve always been a crowd favourite. One day I added a moustache. Then later I thought…. what else? I didn’t want to make them part of my regular line, so I thought doing a robot a day would be a fun way to see how creative I could be. I’m pretty sure some of them will be kinda lame- but hopefully in a funny way. They also came about as a way to use up my multitude of vinyl off-cuts and scraps; in my other life, I make purses, and I wanted to use up these pieces in an eco-friendly way, to divert them from the waste stream.

I still don’t get it. What’s Robot Pouch?
It’s a pouch, in the shape of a robot.

So it’s a pouch for your robot?
No, the robot is the pouch. The pouch is the robot. You can put whatever you want inside.

What’s it for?
Anything you want. Some ideas: change, hair clips, Ipods, money, secrets, little things, maps to hidden treasure, a beer can, juice boxes, fruit snacks, square cookies, bits and bobs, ribbon, bits of string, a spare pair of socks, batteries, nuts, bolts, jewellery, hundred dollar bills, nickels, pennies, a very small diary, important things, origami paper, seeds, a pair of glasses, love notes, something you want hidden, something you want to remember, thread, scissors, make-up, tape.

Who are you, anyway?
I am the maker of bots! In my other life, I run Anatomy of a Skirt, a line of purses and accessories (and yes, the robot pouch). I live in Canada. I drink lots of coffee. I really like puppies and unicorns, because they are awesome. I use the word “awesome” alot. I think alot is one word (it *should* be). I make many many robots.

Can I buy your robots?
Yes you can! Check out my etsy shop for them. I might put some on my website too. Most of the robots have a limited run (usually 5-10, but sometimes more if I particularly like them). If they become very popular, I might make a website specifically for them. Bots for sale will include a link in the blog entry.

How do you price your robots?
Pricing is always tricky. I consider Robot a Day to be more of an art project than anything else, since I’m making these in a very limited run. It takes me a fair amount of time to plan and design each robot, let alone bringing my design to life. Most of these bots are limited to 5- which means you’re getting something incredibly limited. They are all made by my two hands. If you like the bots, but want a more affordable option, allow me to recommend the original robot pouch, available with or without a moustache.

Do they come with anything?
They come with an aura of awesomeness, and each and every Robot a Day Robot Pouch comes in a silkscreened bag. There’s probably a little something else in the package too."

Here is a bit from her Etsy profile...
"Anatomy of a Skirt originally began as a reconstructed clothing design line, but we soon found that we preferred making and designing handbags and accessories to drafting detailed clothing patterns. The name, however, stuck. Our designs are quirky and full of personality with a playful edge, and often feature robots, squid and other fantastic creatures. Anatomy of a Skirt strives to use vintage and recycled materials as much as possible, and hopes to someday create a line of completely sustainable products. Anatomy of a Skirt is powered by coffee and fruit. More Anatomy of a Skirt stuff can be seen at www.anatomyofaskirt.com. Read about our adventures here: http://anatomyofaskirt.wordpress.com/"

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