Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Book Page Wreath Tutorial

Who says Christmas decorations have to be expensive? I was inspired by some book page wreaths I found online while browsing my favorite blogs. Here is my take on these pretty decorations.

Materials Needed:
Glue Gun and glue sticks
Craft glue stick
Old paperback book
Rick-Rack trim
Watercolors and brush
Black thin line marker
Sturdy cardboard

1. Cut 2 circles out of cardboard-2" diameter and 3 1/2" diameter
2. Using glue stick cover each circle with a single page of text folding edges to back of cardboard
3. Tear pages carefully away from book binding and roll into a cone shape. Secure the corner with glue stick.
4. Using hot glue gun start glueing the cones to the back (unfinished) side of the larger cardboard circle with the points meeting in the center.
5. Continue glueing cones to cardboard until you have your first layer of cones.
6. Trim 1" off of the point side of your cones for the next layer.
7. Start glueing a second layer of cones to the top of the first layer placing them approximately 1" from the outside edge of the first layer.
8. Cover the smaller circle of cardboard with a page of text folding edges to the back and glueing them in place.
9. Draw a holiday motif on top of the text and color it in with your watercolors.
10. Glue a strand of rick-rack around the edge of the smaller cardboard circle.
11. Glue the small circle in the center of the wreath to cover up the points of the cones.
12. Using a 12" length of rick-rack, glue a loop to the back of the wreath for hanging.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New in the Shop Today

Just posted this one in Bags and Buds shop.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

New in the Shop Today

Collage...Falling Leaves

We've started moving the leaves in our yard today. Yes, it's autumn in Indiana. And, while it's not my favorite activity, it is my favorite time of year. Enjoy some Etsy finds with leaves in mind.

1. She Waited Until Fall photograph by TCaponePhoto
2. Fall 5 x 7 print by CedarPhoto
3. Fall Leaves by LuzDesigns
4. Many Maples by noraellen
5. Autumn Leaves Under Glass by cuteworkz
6. Cottonwood necklace by ArtisanHandcrafted
7. Autumn Spiral Wreath by welcomesbypj
8. Nature's Bounty necklace by uniquebuttons
9. Hosta Leaves by LauraTrevey
10. Embroidered Leaf Headband by KamiMono
11. Fall in the Park by lisaburch
12. Crimson Jewels by mistflowerphoto

Some Great New Fabrics

I just received some awesome new fabrics. Now...what to make? Stay tuned.

Anthology Fabrics, Folk Life Collection

Anthology Fabrics, Sweet Tooth Collection

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We've all been touched in one way or another by this terrible disease. My maternal grandmother was taken from us many years ago when I was in middle school. One of my dearest friends from college and a friend from work are both survivors. We can all make a difference by joining the fight.

I have added some Pink Ribbon key fobs to my shop. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Here are some wonderful items from other Etsy shops who will be donating proceeds from the sales to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

1. Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Art by MADART
2. Breast Cancer Hope Flag by KimHerring
3. Pink Vintage Zipper Lapel Pin by toniandtree
4. Pink For the Cure Scarf by mgbdesigns
5. Camera Strap by HowardAvenue
6. Candle with Bracelet by nikkicandles
7. Think Pink bag by jennjohn
8. Freshwater Pearl bracelet by revelling
9. Breast Cancer Bracelet by LaOdViE

Monday, October 4, 2010


We've had our first taste of fall weather this weekend in Indiana. It was a pleasant 70 degrees in the afternoon on Sunday, so we went out and bought our pumpkins. Enjoy these Etsy pumpkin finds.

1. Mini Pumpkins by 39stitches
2. Little Pumpkin Beanie by Textilesone
3. Pick a Peck of Pumpkins by Sunfleur1
4. Homespun Mini Checked Pumpkins by simpledream2
5. Glittered Pumpkin by whitemarketblog
6. Crocheted Pumpkins by littlemargie
7. Pumpkin Pendants by gardengoddessmosaics
8. Pumpkin Polymer Clay Beads by tooaquarius
9. PDF Sewing Pattern Patchwork Pumpkins from retromama

Sunday, October 3, 2010



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