Sunday, January 25, 2009

Promote a Sister Sunday...Miss Ruby Sue

Miss Ruby Sue is my special CAB Team sister this week. I just love her clutches and bags. They are the epitome of feminine. At first glance you notice the vintage stylings and beautiful colors. The more you peruse her shop, the more you are drawn in by the texture of the fabric. You really want to pick these gems up to feel the luxury. She says it better than I...
"MISS RUBY SUE is an Independant Deconstructed Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Often using upcycled clothing, thrifted trinkets and extinct vintage cuts in an artful blend of melodious chic and neovictorian deconstructed elements."

Here is a bit from her profile..."I am a very busy, crazy, over-the-top mother who loves to embarass my 4 kids, expecially my 13 year old son who thinks I don't look like a mom... I find balance by keeping my house clean and kids happy so I cam make a mess in my studio. I have developed a love for crazy, unbelievable vintage whimsy that only the daring will wear.

I am a happy 35 year old who finds pleasure in the complicated, difficult and challenging aspects of life. Otherwise I never learn."

You must take a look at her shop and blog


alamodestuff said...

Her details are gorgeous! Love her bags!

TiLT said...

Her bags are truely unique! Love the details!

SolSisters said...

great look into what makes her style. Well done Wendy!

Miss Gina Designs said...

Gorgeous bags! Great feature on a very talented artisan!

SewArtsy said...

How charming! Great pick, Wendy!



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