Saturday, May 1, 2010

One Moment Week #4

"OM [one moment] meet up is a weekly gathering of shared moments that make each of us pause and connect with life. Learn more here and join us!"

My one moment this week occurred as I was sewing in my craft room. I have this magnetic bulletin board on my wall where I put all kinds of things like business cards, photos, pattern pieces, post cards, fabric swatches, you name's up there. Today, as I was glancing over at it, enjoying the random array of what nots, I was inspired. All of a sudden the bag front I was working on took an entirely new turn. Instead of a simple crazy quilt square, I ended up with a collage of sorts. Just goes to show, you can find inspiration anywhere.

1 comment:

alamodestuff said...

Fantastic! You never know where you might find inspiration. Love the bag!

Thanks for sharing!



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