Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Crafting Partners

It's so nice to have someone with whom to share my craft room. My daughter Kate is an Etsy seller too. She's been working hard on her beaded bobby pins. They are soooo pretty. Prom and Wedding season is keeping her busy.

This is Kate in her corner of the room.

My other crafting companion is Grizabella. She has found the scrap interfacing crate under my cutting table. I guess I can no longer say that my items come from an animal-free environment. Oh well. She's just too cute.

I've been busy with some big orders. Here are a few buds in progress.

And here is another new bag. I made this one for my sister's sister-in-law to carry on the golf course.

And, that's what's going on in the craft room tonight. I hope you all have great companions like mine! :)

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