Sunday, March 8, 2009

Etsy Seller Spotlight...Daily Threads

I am so in love with these little fabric gems. Not only are they beautiful pieces, but they come with a poem written by the artist. Here is a description written by DailyThreads.

"As you look inside the window and door of this sweet little dimensional house, you’ll find this poem (written by me). The doormat reveals the theme of the text. Each house is one of a kind, signed and dated on the back.

I created this series inspired by daily walks in my many neighborhoods and travels through the years. Passing by, you only see the outside shell of a house. Curiosity peaks when you see a window without curtains. What happens behind those walls? Who lives there? What are they doing? The rare open door almost seems like an invitation to come in. I have left the windows and doors wide open in my collection of houses for you to peek inside. I welcome you all.

Made up of painted fabric on a thick stabilizer, printed cotton scraps, zippers, beads, buttons, rick rack and / or any other embellishments I may have on hand. Stitching gives it depth and texture."

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