Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Great Old Friend

How cool is this? I was searching the web for a picture of the sewing machine my grandmother taught me on, and lo and behold I found it.

Isn't this a great machine? I just love all the gold scroll work on the base. It brings back memories of playing in the little bedroom on the second floor of her house. All Grandma's bedrooms had a name...the sewing room, the blue room, the gold room and Grandpa's room. The sewing room was the smallest of the bedrooms and the machine sat on a great old wooden sewing table in the corner. It had a single twin bed and a dresser. One of the dresser drawers was the button drawer. There were hundreds of buttons in that drawer. Oh, what I would give to have them now. My sister and cousin and I would play with them for hours. What a great memory. I miss Grandma!

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