Saturday, July 10, 2010

My Creative Space

For optimum sewing experience be sure to stage your creative space.
My must haves…
• Television in the corner of the room tuned to the food network. I figure if it’s playing in the background I’m bound to become a better cook just from hearing what’s going on, right? (beware..this can slow down production)
• Or my laptop tuned to with my favorite artists crooning
• A large icy beverage in one of those sweat-free plastic cups
• My most comfortable reading glasses-the kind that don’t pinch my head
• Perfect lighting either from the window during a bright sunny day, or from my task lamp and overhead lighting
• Comfortable chair-cushiony with proper lumbar support. One with swivel and height adjustment is a must. Sometimes I pull my ironing board over close to my sewing table and put it on a low setting so I can just swivel from sewing machine to iron without going across the room. Lazy? No, just efficient.
• Plenty of clear workspace on my sewing table. I sometimes have a problem with this one, so I have a nearby table for the things I need.
• A great, clean sewing machine with a sharp needle.
• My fabric stash neatly folded and organized.
• A cutting table with rotary cutter and cutting mat.
• My plastic cutting guides/rulers. One long and one short.
• My inspiration board. It’s a metal sheet that hangs on my wall with magnets holding patterns, cards, magazine articles, photos, etc.
• Sharp scissors-at least 5 pair. I put one at the ironing board, one for paper/patterns, one at my cutting table and my favorite pair at my sewing machine. Oh, and a smaller scissor for clipping threads.
• Lots and lots of pins. I have pins at my sewing table and pins at my cutting table on magnetic “cushions”.
• Lots of organization in clear totes and drawer units. I cannot work in clutter. At least not in unorganized clutter. Ha!
• A shipping station with all the necessary items for wrapping orders.
• Two trashcans-one on either side of the room, and some shopping bags to hold my little scraps.
• And, if I’m lucky, I have my daughter, a fellow crafter, joining me in her corner of the room.

What is your creative space like?

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