Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craft of the Week...Fabric Embellishment

Here is an embellishment you can make with all those scraps you have accumulated. You will need a circle of thick felt, 4-5 circles of scrap fabric, a button, matching floss and your machine. Cut the felt into a 1 1/2" diameter circle. Cut the fabrics into circles starting with a 3", 2 3/4", 2 1/2", 2 1/4" and finally 2". You can pink some of the circles edges for extra interest. Layer the circles on top of the felt. Using your machine, sew them together. Then you can embellish the top with a coordinating button. It's that easy and you can use these instead of bows on gift packages, to fancy up a greeting card, as brooches, on purses or belts, wherever you need a little bit more decoration.

1 comment:

alamodestuff said...

That is so nice! My things never quite come out as perfectly. I guess that's why I stick with straight lines, lol!



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