Sunday, October 4, 2009

Craft of the Week...Coloring Book Pages

This week's craft is for all the little ones in your life. I found the greatest website where you can search different categories for coloring book pages. You can select all the pages you'd like, print them and put them into a book. You just need a computer, white paper, 2 pieces of construction paper, a stapler and a printer. Print as many as you like and put them between the construction paper pages and staple. Decorate your cover however you like. Add a package of crayons and you have a super cute gift. I'm sure all you super crafty people out there can come up with even more elaborate covers and ways to bind the pages. Have fun with this one.

Here is a sample of the pages you can get.

How cute is that!?!

1 comment:

DixieDoodleGoodies said...

I am going to do this for my kids for Christmas!!! Such a great idea!!! :) Thanks Wendy!



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