Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Baby is Graduating from College

Well, the day I never thought would come is quickly approaching. My oldest is graduating from college next weekend. I just can't believe it. I can remember when she was 2 how she would run down the hall on her tip toes after her bath in nothing but a smile. How she'd change her clothes 6-7 times a day and none of it matched. How she'd pull her twin mattress off the box springs and prop it on the roof of her playhouse to use as a slide. I remember her first day of school, when she got on the bus and didn't even look back. I remember birthday parties and sleepovers...braces and bad haircuts...first boyfriend and first dance...getting her drivers plays and competitions...senior prom...high school graduation...moving into her first dorm. Wow, those days go by so quickly. Now she is a beautiful young woman with her whole future in front of her. I'm so very proud of her.


Bagladee said...

Congratulations to your daughter exciting. I bet you are so proud. Emma x

masko said...

Wow, you have a beautiful dauther.
You must be extremely proud of her and excited with her bright future. It seems far away but my turn is coming in a few years. Will I be saying the same thing as you do here then??



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