Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting Ready for a Craft Show

I've been getting ready for a craft show and have been trying to come up with some great display options. I think the spinner rack will work just fine for my key fobs and push pins. I plan to put a little sign on top with pricing and have been toying with the idea of using some cork to show the push pins.

Because I bought the rack online I couldn't really tell how big it was. Turns out it will hold about 80 fobs on one row. I have been sewing like crazy to fill it. I made 28 fobs today. Whew!

The baskets follow the same chrome look as the spinner. I really need to get busy on my zipper pouches to fill this one.

Now I just need to come up with some kind of floor stand for my bags. I've been toying with making a hinged screen that I could put hooks in to hold the bags. Or, I could stand them on a set of collapsible shelves. I'm just not sure how much floor space I will have. I've got a few weeks to figure it out. Any ideas?


bananaicecream said...

Beautiful display!! I love to items looking so well put togeather!

Nicola said...

That display is stunning - hope you do really well!
Nicola xx

aprilsoriginals said...

Hey Wendy, I use these grid wall panels that I attach together in a triangle
and I hang my bags from these hooks:
The triangle gives me a sturdy stand and I get LOTS of bags on these. I use two of these triangles at the front of my tent. Next I want to get more panels and do a whole wall on one side and I won't need as many tables.
I also use these baskets that attach for the small stuff like my tissue holders and zippered pouches:
This may not help you for your next show coming up but it might be something to consider for the future. I am so glad I made this investment and don't have any regrets at all!

UmberDove said...

Good grief girl - you have been so productive! I wish you the very best of luck at the show, I'm sure it will be fantastic!

p.s. my vote is for the corkboard for the push pins; let 'em shine!



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