Saturday, February 7, 2009

Collage...Sweet Little Birds

1. Small Sweet Little Birdie Post Earrings by kyleanne1
2. Garden Bird Brooches by murgatroydandbean
3. Rockies by SamariaProject
4. Fly Away by lynseandfancy
5. The Amazing Southwest Salsa Bird Pendant by PoorRobin
6. Birds in Lines y annarubyking
7. Philippine Yellow Duck by loranscruggs
8. Map Paper Bird France by cottonbirddesigns
9. Little Flower Bird by missmoniker


loranscruggs said...

Thanks for putting my little duckie in your picks. What a great collection. Found some more favs!!

Anna+Lila said...

such a sweet collection! thank you so much for including my birds!

myaphrodite said...

Such a sweet little list! Thank you for including my Southwest Salsa bird! :)

tanyBUG said...

thanks for including my fly away bird! Great collection!

PolymerClayTutor said...

Fantastic collection of birds! Just love them all!! Really think loranscruggs little duckie is truly fabulous! He is to die for!

Thanks for sharing them!
~Cindy Lietz



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