Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Holiday Budgets-Sttrrrreeeeettccchhh that dollar!

I always go into the holidays with a budget and every intention of sticking to it. The frustrating thing about budgets is that you have to remember all the hidden costs...I'm not so good at that. Let's consider the gasoline it takes to travel to and from the mall in terrible traffic; parking garage fees; the paper, ribbon, tissue and cards that make our gifts special; the shipping costs for special orders and online purchases; the surprise occassions requiring a last minute gift; the list goes on. Ugh! I always forget about the extra expenses that ruin my good intentions.

I heard on the news last night that we are "officially in a recession". Duh! If your family is like mine, you've been feeling the pinch of our current economic situation for a while. In light of that, and because I know every little bit helps, I have extended my FREE SHIPPING offer through December 15. And, every purchase comes with FREE HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP. See samples in a previous posting.

Finally, if you take the BAG SURVEY on this blog, let me know by clicking the link to my Etsy shop and sending me a convo. (To "convo" click on "contactbagsandbuds" to the right of the screen while you are on my shop site.) You will be entered into my holiday GIVEAWAY for a FREE ZIPPER POUCH.

I hope these little savings help you to stay within your holiday budget.

Happy Holidays and Buy Handmade!

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