Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bag Survey Results

This was pretty interesting. The funniest thing is, the purse I currently carry fits all of the most popular answers. Ha! See what you think...

How many purses do you own?
1-5 38.7%
6-10 29%
11-15 9.7%
Way too many 22.6%

What size is the purse you carry?
Small 3.2%
Medium 61.3%
Large 29%
Oversized 6.5%

What is your favorite purse made of?
Fabric 51.6%
Leather 41.9%
Plastic 6.5%

How many pockets do you like your purses to have?
1-2 12.9%
3-4 83.9%
None 3.2%

How long do you want the strap to be?
Handle length-doesn’t need to fit on the shoulder 0%
Strap that fits over the shoulder 54.8%
Strap that adjusts to fit over the body 32.3%
Doesn’t matter-I’ll carry them all 12.9%

What do you carry in your purse?
Just the essentials-lipstick, comb, car keys, cell phone 33.3%
More than essentials but less than the kitchen sink 60%
The kitchen sink 6.7%

What color is your favorite purse?
Black 41.7%
Brown 33.3%
Multi 25%

How do you want your purse to close?
Snap 20%
Zipper 60%
Flap 16.7%

How many purses have you purchased in the last year?
1-4 80.6%
5-9 16.1%
10-15 3.2%
I’m out of control 0%

Where did you purchase your last purse?
Department Store 44.8%
Specialty Shop 10.3%
Garage Sale/Flea Market 0%
Online 44.8%

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