Saturday, January 9, 2010

Collage...Paper Beads

1. Turquoise and Red Paper Bead Earrings by KiahDesigns
2. Leafed Paper Earrings by lijhdesigns
3. Love Moments Study Origami Earrings by funnysky
4. Pop Art Paper Map Bead Necklace by ivylanedesigns
5. Vintage Comic Book Paper Beads by Tanithsoddsandends
6. Paper Bead Rainbow Hoops by papermode
7. Everlasting Peace Origami Earrings by funnysky
8. Rolled Paper Bead Earrings by reloveddesigns
9. Uganda Bead Bracelet by creativefreedom


kimbuktu said...

These are wonderful.

I tried to make some paper beads once. They are not easy.

GlitzGlitter said...

What a great feature! Love those earrings by ljlhdesigns!

ReLoved said...

Great collection, I have actually come across a few of these artists on Etsy, but you've brought them together beautifully, you should create treasuries!

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