Monday, September 1, 2008


We went to the Indianapolis Museum of Art today.  We got there early so that we could walk through the gardens before it got too hot.  What beautiful landscaping.  There were chairs set up in the formal gardens for a wedding and a bride and groom were having their picture taken by the Lily House.  We walked through the greenhouse and found some absolutely beautiful begonias. There was a white flowering vine on the fence that surrounded the greenhouse.  It had beautiful small white blooms and the aroma was absolutely fabulous.  The gardener who was watering for the day told us it was a late blooming clematis.  The vine was full of buds.   Lucky for us they were selling the same vine.  We bought two.  Now we just need to build the trellis to support them.  I think we'll just put them in the ground this year and let that be a spring project.  After the museum we went shopping in some local shops.  I must remember to do this more often.  It gets my creative juices flowing to see art and local handcrafts.  It was a very lovely day!

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